Mamma Mia! The Movie

Went to watch Mamma Mia! The movie today with Evon and SB today. Wanted to watch an M18 movie 'Stepbrothers' instead but then SB is one month away from being 18 and the person refuse to sell us the tickets. So we settled for Mamma Mia instead.

We were watching the movie at GV Yishun and it was a 4.50pm show. But then the theater only got about 10 plus people. So nice la, you can even chose whatever seats you want, but the seats we got were good enough.

Now to the plot of the movie.

A girl named Sophie is getting married soon and decided to invite three men to her wedding. These three man each had a possibilty of being her father from what she read from her mum, Donna's diary. Sophie thought she could know who's her father when she sees them but it turned out she could not tell. Her mum, Donna saw these three men and was troubled and worried that they might ruin Sophie's wedding, not knowing it was sophie who invited them. The story goes on on how Sophie trying to find out which is her father and her mum, trying to keep them away.


One of the men turned out to be a gay! LOL! And i guessed it right before it was revealed. LOL!

My thoughts on the movie is that it's quite interesting and funny. I have always liked these kind of musical movies. The songs inside are all familiar and if i were not in a cinema, i would love to sing along. Haha. Also, the scenery is super nice la!!! Beautiful mountains and the sea is super clean and blue!! LOL!!! And also imagine marrying at a chruch that is built on a hilltop, so nice. Haha!! Very visually appealing.

I would give it a 3 and a half star out of 5. You should catch it if you like musicals, humour and a little romance. XD


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