Received an sms at about 8.11am regarding my results. I was still sleeping and i got awake when i saw my grades...

Disappointment was the first thing that came in my mind...

My grades dropped...

I used to only have one C+ every semester, and i was shocked seeing two of them in my results...

One of them was for Journalistic Writing which i kind of expected.

The other was IMM which is totally unexpected. I done quite well for the ICAs for IMM and i thought i could get a B+ for this module... I must have screwed up my exam badly then... When i thought that I actually done quite ok for the paper.

Got Bs for the other modules which i thought i screwed up the papers. Things really are unexpected huh.

B+ for multicam, one satisfaction.

At least my overall GPA still remain a 3.

But if I keep things this way for next semester, it ain't going to stay at 3.

Guess, this holidays will be my last slacking period. Cause I have made up my mind to work hard next semester. It's my last chance. Since next semester is the last semester with exams. The last chance where i can pull up my grades with studying hard.

I am really disappointed with myself... Especially when i had said that i would do well this semester... Haiz... It's all my own fault... Cause i knew that i did not work hard enough.

Shall end here.


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