Babylon A.D Review

Ok, so i went to watch Babylon A.D on tuesday night.

Thanks Nuffnang again for the tickets!!! XD

I shall first say that i am slightly disappointed after the movie. More because of the abrupt ending. The trailer was good, but the movie was not that good.

It started out quite well but then as the movie goes on, it got confusing.

There are too much things left unexplained. I was left with quite a number of question marks after the movie.

But i like the high - tech stuff shown in the movie.

The map that looks like a normal piece of paper but allows you to zoom in and set your route to your destination.

The house that is like fully automatic.

Really cool.

And the scenery at the convent is really beautiful too.

The actions in the movie were good but i think that the shots are a tad too shaky.

I seriously think that it really ended way too abrupt, like there is not enough time so they just end it quickly.

As this movie was set in the year 2031, the way the movie portray the world in that time frame left an impact on me.

Places in ruins, animals extinct, clones of clones, refugees everywhere, people left dying, congested cities.

It's like the world gone haywire. All due to mankind.

It left me thinking, what will the world be like in the future to come? Will it be anything like the world portrayed in the movie?

Overall, i rate this movie 3 out of 5 stars.

I shall say that it's more worth it if you catch it on the day when the movie tickets are the cheapest. Or don't watch it in the cinemas.


P.S : All above are my personal opinions. XD

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