Babylon A.D.

I first knew of Babylon A.D when i was waiting for the train in the morning. The trailer got my attention and even when i was walking towards the rear, i keep turing back to look at the trailer. In my mind was:''Hmm, that movie looks interesting. Maybe i should ask my friends to watch it with me when it's out in the theaters."

Then i received an email from Nuffnang about a movie screening of Babylon A.D. I can win tickets just by writing a blog entry. So why not? Even if i did not win the tickets, i have nothing to lose.

So before i started writing this entry, i went googling about the movie. What i found out is that it is an adaption from a book named [Babylon Babies] by Maurice Georges Dantec. [Babylon Babies] was first published in french in 1999.It is a science fiction techno-thriller set in the year 2013.

From all the movies that i have watched, adaptions from novels are normally quite successful. People who have read the book before would watch the movie and people who liked the movie will go searching for the book. While googling about the movie, i want to read the book already. Simply because the book must be real good to be adapted into a movie.

The synopsis for this movie is very simple.

A mercenery with a mission to deliver a package which is a young woman with a secret.

This make people want to know more. At least i do.

Nice trailer, nice synopsis, good reviews about the book it was adapted from. All this factors make me want to catch this movie.

And i had a good chance to be able to catch this movie for free and also able to get a chance to get to know other fellow bloggers over at Nuffnang. It's really kind of a win-win situation. Of course i might not get the tickets. But still, there's a chance. XD

Check out more about the movie at

Even the website is cool. XD

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