Wasting Money or Buying Hope?

My mum buys 4D every week, same number for don't know how many years le. Of course, she only buy very small, $3.

I asked her why don't she changed the number, since that number came out in starters once don't know how many years ago. I think 4 or 5 years ago ba. But she tells me this, till this number come up as first prize, she will still continues to buy the same number.

She also told me this, it's only $3 every week, I am not like those who spent $50, $100 or more on either 4D or ToTo.

It makes me wonder, is buying 4D/Toto gambling? Or to some, it's buying hope?

For my mum, a housewife, with no career other then the family, i guess it's buying hope, buying a dream.

Of course, those who spend hundreds or thousands every week are excessive gamblers. No hope for them.

It's just like buying lottery ticket, hoping that the one you bought is the winning ticket.

Whereas my mum believed that the number will be a winning number one day.

For us who are still waiting to enter the real world, a.k.a the working society. We all have our dreams, our goals, the careers that we want to strive for. That is after many years of slogging in our education system.

For the older generation, they aren't as lucky. My mum was made to drop out of school so that she could work and contribute to the family. At that age, she might have high hopes, big dreams, but due to the environment, all hopes and dreams can never be achieved.

Which is why i think, she is in a way buying hope through buying 4D. Cause she believed in that set of numbers for so long. 

Looking at my mum, it only motivates me more. I will achieve that dream of mine, for myself, for her.
And although I loved my mum, I will never want to be like her. I knew that she does not want me to lead a life like hers too.

There are people out there buying hope, wasting money, day dreaming.

I want to be one who strives hard for my dreams and achieve it.

I can and I will.

And so can you.

Days Without The Mum

I believed that those who followed me on twitter knew that my mum went for a short holiday on Tuesday and only just got back a few hours ago.

This is the first time my mum went overseas on a plane, the first time she's out of the house for so long.
It's weird knowing that when I go home, she won't be sitting on the sofa talking on the phone, or cooking in the kitchen.

First night that she's not here, it's really weird sleeping in an empty room alone. Yes, I slept with my mum. Her and her queen size bed and me on my single bed. It's weird staring at the empty queen size bed before going to sleep.

In the morning, waking up to my brother's call and making my own breakfast. I am not used to my brother waking me up. Not use to having to make my own tea and find something to eat. That I have skipped breakfast for two mornings.

Dinner, no home cooked meals. Well, they are actually home cooked, home cooked maggie mee. I have to cook for my brother some more...

It's really different not having my mum at home. Home does not felt like home.

I am glad that my mum is back home safely and that she had enjoyed her trip~ XD

I Love You, Mum! XD

Always wanted a Polariod?

I am sure most of you know what Polariod is and love those instant prints.

Have you always longed for one but the fact that they are so hard to come by and the films are so expensive. Though Polariod is making a comeback with their range of instant cameras, and going start manufacturing those films again, it ain't going to be cheap.Also, Polariod have many restriction too, be it the focus, no macro etc.

Also, you already have your handy digital camera with alot of functions that don't require any films. You can always share digital photos so easily online. For those instant prints, you have to scan them first before you can share them online and that is quite a hassle sometimes.

But there's a perfect solution!
Before telling you what the solution is, let me show you some photos first.









These are all digital photos turned Polariods! Cool right?

You can either wait for it to be fully developed or just developed it mid way for a different effect!

To have your very own digital Polariod, go here!

Have fun!!

P.S: My classmate told me about this~ I did not find it myself! XD

Update from Moriko!

moriko blog update poster

How do you spend your money?

Have you ever been in a situation where you realized that you suddenly have no spare cash to spend? And then you wonder where did all your money gone too. How can it be that just moments ago that your wallet is full of cash and it's now empty? How can it be that the numbers in the bank account dropped so quickly?

I bet many of you out there been in this situation before.

This happened to me many times too. Especially after the period where I had my own pay from part-time jobs and Internship, I spent a lot more! When you have your own money(pay), you tend to spend more as compared to when you are just getting money through allowance. This is mainly because the pay is often a lump sum whereas allowance are very little, at least in my case la. My allowance is $4 everyday from mum, $30 every week from dad. And I don't get the money at one go, so if I need money I would have to save up. But during the period when I am spending what I earned, I buy a lot more stuff. I don't have to save up to buy a particular item. The ability of spending money just as you like is super good.

When I spending my money from work: 

I buy things without thinking much. I means those items that cost below $20 la. For those expensive items which is $40 and above, I will think through first and consider carefully before I buy it. For example, the instax i bought. I thought about it for a month plus before i actually go and purchase it. But when it come to clothes, accessories, food etc, I just buy buy and buy.

When I am spending based on my allowance:

I just looked at those expensive items and gave up the thought of buying, unless I really liked it then i will set aside a fund for it. I go for cheaper food. I only buy clothes on sale. I think thrice when getting accessories etc. I will have to think about setting aside money for transport and for my bills and only spend the remaining. I think twice about buying anything other then food. Cause I would want to save up too.

Another thing that I came to realized is that I hardly save much when I was on my internship with my pathetic pay of $450 per month. It's also quite difficult to save as I was solely surviving on my pay. My allowance were stopped during that period. Hence, every month I have to pay for transport and food and bills from the $450 and then the rest is for spending. That's why it's quite hard to save as I buy a lot more things when I had my own pay. Also, the pay I get goes into the bank account, so I always just draw money and not realized the limits.

I am able to save up more when I am on allowance. Like at least a dollar or two each day of a period then stop then continue saving. Can save quite a substantial amount through this method. And due to the fact that my allowance is in cash form, hence there is only so much that I can spend.

 To sum it up, I am someone who spend according to my ability.
How about you? How do you spend your money?

Glitterati+ Party @ KSuites

Date: 30th Dec'09

Time: 6.30 pm till late

Where: KSuites @ Illuma

What: Nuffnang Glitterati + Party

Who: Nuffies and Bloggers

I bet most of you would have read about this event already~ So I shall not go into too much details.~ Also, I bet most of you have seen the same photos already cause they are all taken from the photographer of the day~ XD 

To just sum it up~ The whole thing was a lot of fun! Although i was damn nervous until after i finish singing. I always have stage fright, maybe i have overcome the speaking to a huge crowd thingy but never have i tried singing to a big crowd. o.o 

We had a mini icebreaker game, where we have to find the blogger we are allocated and ask them for their blog link and secondary school. The name i got was PeiLing and she got mine too~ XD 

There was pool, karaoke and PS3 available for us to enjoy. I think i enjoyed pool the most that day although i lost. First was against Kaixiang but that was a very close game. Then I played against Andy twice, first time i was totally out of shape as it's close to my turn to sing. The second round was so much better but i lost still. >< Don't care, I demand another game!! XD LOL~

There was also a small briefing about what the whole Glitterati + thing was about and then there was also voting for the President for the committee~~ I bet most of you knew it already~~ Our President is Andy~~

Alright~~ Enough about my ramblings~~ Let's move on to the visuals~~ XD

The guy who trashed us all in Pool that day!

I have no idea what we all were looking at. LOL


Buffet dinner served in the other room~~ I din eat much though~ ><

Raine giving us all a lecture~ :P

Don Don singing very attentively~~ XD



You can see that I was nervous right from the start when i was just singing leisurely...


Me playing pool after so long~~

Waiting for my turn~~ XD


One of the great singers that night~ Alton~


See the difference? People enjoy while they sing~ I was expressionless la~~ Damn Nervous!!


And another one. ><


Sing finish liao~~ PHEW!!!


Time to vote~~

I love this photo~~ Haha~~ Mel with his eyes half opened!

Jiaqi looking very focused!


We were waving along to Don singing Guo Huo~~ XD


See, so much feeling~


Maiko singing~~ I fall in love with her voice liao~~


I think i was either voting for Maiko or Don~~ LOL


And Maiko came in first for the singing competition!! XD President Andy gave her her prize which is the IXUS camera~~ XD

I managed to guess correctly the top 3, which are Maiko, Don and Alton and had a 33% chance of winning the camera too~ The other 2 who guessed correct are Don and Ming En. End up Ming En got the camera when he already has a DSLR~ LOL~~ ><


Formal Group Photo~~


And the informal one~ XD You can see who are the gaga fans~~ LOL

Photo credits to Ming En @ http://mydemoninyou.blogspot.com/

Instax Is Da Love~

These Instax Minis are taken during the Glitterati + Party~~ They are the only photos i have since my dear digital camera went out of battery... Lucky I brought 2 cameras along~~ :P

These photos are the very reason why I love instax~~ They all turned out nice regardless!

Note: Ignore if you see any reflection of my digital camera, cause i am too lazy to use my brother's scanner which is stack below a lot of things.


With Raine~~ XD


With JiaQi (From the twins)


With ANdy, our President!! XD


With Maiko and Don~~ They sang great that night! XD


With the 3 dudes~ Meldric, ANdy and Don~~ XD
This one is currently in my wallet~XD

Another great thing about the Instax mini? It's in credit card size so you can easily put it in your wallet and change it every time you take a nicer one~ LOL~ XD

Will update on the Glitterati + Party soon~~ XD

P.S: These are not Polaroids, these are called Instax!  

HAPPY 2010!!


Let's rock 2010!! XD