Always wanted a Polariod?

I am sure most of you know what Polariod is and love those instant prints.

Have you always longed for one but the fact that they are so hard to come by and the films are so expensive. Though Polariod is making a comeback with their range of instant cameras, and going start manufacturing those films again, it ain't going to be cheap.Also, Polariod have many restriction too, be it the focus, no macro etc.

Also, you already have your handy digital camera with alot of functions that don't require any films. You can always share digital photos so easily online. For those instant prints, you have to scan them first before you can share them online and that is quite a hassle sometimes.

But there's a perfect solution!
Before telling you what the solution is, let me show you some photos first.









These are all digital photos turned Polariods! Cool right?

You can either wait for it to be fully developed or just developed it mid way for a different effect!

To have your very own digital Polariod, go here!

Have fun!!

P.S: My classmate told me about this~ I did not find it myself! XD

9 Response to "Always wanted a Polariod?"

  1. Stephen says:


    hye, innit brought me here. this is cool. so classic. thanks for the info.

    Isaac says:

    Yes I want a polaroid. It's damn cool - reminds me of Lady Gaga.

    Btw I love ur blog layout. Totally awesome, like a diary style.

    P.S. I clicked on ur Monfae ad. :)


    Forest says:

    Stephen: Haha, add to the realistic feel ma~~

    Fina Fento: Glad you find this useful~ XD

    Isaac: Hey there! Thanks! And indeed Polaroid are cool! But i still love my Instax more! XD

    cr3ap says:

    Nicely done on the polaroid pics. Cool and interesting.

    Regards from cr3ap

    Emeryn says:

    Hey, I've download before. Got to know bout it from a magazine last time.

    Jan says:

    I have this programme too! Really cool!
    Dropped by from innit!

    Kristin says:

    Haha. Abit troublesome. I spent like $108 to get one -___-

    Dropping by from Innit.
    Cool Polaroids, but me haven't tried it yet. :(

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