Wasting Money or Buying Hope?

My mum buys 4D every week, same number for don't know how many years le. Of course, she only buy very small, $3.

I asked her why don't she changed the number, since that number came out in starters once don't know how many years ago. I think 4 or 5 years ago ba. But she tells me this, till this number come up as first prize, she will still continues to buy the same number.

She also told me this, it's only $3 every week, I am not like those who spent $50, $100 or more on either 4D or ToTo.

It makes me wonder, is buying 4D/Toto gambling? Or to some, it's buying hope?

For my mum, a housewife, with no career other then the family, i guess it's buying hope, buying a dream.

Of course, those who spend hundreds or thousands every week are excessive gamblers. No hope for them.

It's just like buying lottery ticket, hoping that the one you bought is the winning ticket.

Whereas my mum believed that the number will be a winning number one day.

For us who are still waiting to enter the real world, a.k.a the working society. We all have our dreams, our goals, the careers that we want to strive for. That is after many years of slogging in our education system.

For the older generation, they aren't as lucky. My mum was made to drop out of school so that she could work and contribute to the family. At that age, she might have high hopes, big dreams, but due to the environment, all hopes and dreams can never be achieved.

Which is why i think, she is in a way buying hope through buying 4D. Cause she believed in that set of numbers for so long. 

Looking at my mum, it only motivates me more. I will achieve that dream of mine, for myself, for her.
And although I loved my mum, I will never want to be like her. I knew that she does not want me to lead a life like hers too.

There are people out there buying hope, wasting money, day dreaming.

I want to be one who strives hard for my dreams and achieve it.

I can and I will.

And so can you.

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