Hachiko: A Dog's Story



I had never cried so much in the movie theaters in my life before. But this very movie based on a true story, touched my heart and the tears won't stop.

Hachiko, I have heard of its story way before the movie was released. A loyal dog who waited for his owner who passed on at the train station for 9 whole years till the end of his life.

Hearing the story and watching it is two different things. When you are able to see it with your own eyes(though it's only a movie), you are able to relate more. From the start to the beginning, the bond between dog and human. It's indescribable.

Hachi, the number 8 in Japanese, a lucky number. It connects the heaven and earth.

Akita, one of the most ancient dog breeds there is in Japan.

The professor found Hachi at the train station, or was it Hachi who found him?

Hachi accompany the professor to the train station every morning. And at 5pm, he will come and wait for him to walk home together.

After he died, his daughter bought Hachi to live with her husband and son. But one day Hachi ran away.

He went back to the house, but someone new moved in.

They found him at the train station, waiting for the train to arrive at 5pm, waiting for his owner.

She loved him, hence she let him free, to do what he wanted.

Everyone knows Hachi, the guy working at the train station, the old man selling hot dogs, the owner of the bookstore with the ginger cat and the couple at the butcher and all the other commuters who saw Hachi accompanying his owner to the station every morning and waiting at 5 pm everyday for his owner to get back.

"He's not coming back. You don't have to wait anymore." Hachi was told, but he stood still, waiting.

They gave him food and water, they greet him when they see him standing at the same old spot at 5 pm. At night, he slept under a non working train. When the time reaches, he will go to the same old spot and wait. He waited and waited.

10 years passed...
The wife of the professor came back to the place where they once lived. She visited his grave, and saw his old colleague there too. Catching up on old times, they walked to the train station. There, she saw Hachi, old and moving slowly, still waiting for his owner at the same old spot. She was so happy to see him, and he recognized her. She waited with him for the next train.

It's a snowing day and Hachiko was sleeping under the train. He wakes up and walk to his waiting spot in the middle of the night. Hachi lies down and wait. His eyes slowly closes, and he saw his owner...

For 10 long years he waited, and they are finally reunited, in the other world...


No human could be as loyal as Hachi. Would you wait so long for a person that will never return?

I rate this movie a 5/5 or even a 10/5.

Simple yet touching storyline.

Even if you don't like dogs, Hachi will capture your heart.

Watch it, in the cinemas or where ever. Just watch it.

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  1. JanetChew says:

    Thanks for sharing Joyce .. even as i read your description of Hachi's love for his owner, i felt the tears starting to well up.

    Forest says:

    Hi Janet, thanks for dropping by my blog.
    You're welcome as all good things must be shared! XD

    Teri says:

    I too saw this movie last night and I can't quit crying. Trying to explain the movie to a friend I started to cry again.
    Such love, such devotion, even now I am crying UGH, I'm hopeless!

    Anonymous says:

    I have just watched the clips on you tube, Cried through the whole thing. We had an Akita for twelve years, They are indeed very loyal. I will be sure to rent it. I know I will likely cry through the entire movie. Looking forward to having another Akita soon.


    Anonymous says:

    I have watched this movie two nights in a row. Other movies have caused a lump in my throat and a tear to run down my cheek, but for the final twenty minutes of this movie I was sobbing uncontrollably. I tried summarizing the film to my partner the next morning and couldn't hold back the tears. This movie was a perfect 10 for me. Robert

    Forest says:

    LB & Robert: I love this movie too! Glad that you guys have liked it so much too. XD It's really a touching movie.

    Anonymous says:

    Wow that movie sounds so sad! I almost cried when reading that article!

    Anonymous says:

    This was such a moving film about a very amazing dog and his total love and devotion to his owner. I cried after reading the description of the movie and again after seeing it. No doubt at all Hachi is Heaven with his beloved friend.

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