How do you spend your money?

Have you ever been in a situation where you realized that you suddenly have no spare cash to spend? And then you wonder where did all your money gone too. How can it be that just moments ago that your wallet is full of cash and it's now empty? How can it be that the numbers in the bank account dropped so quickly?

I bet many of you out there been in this situation before.

This happened to me many times too. Especially after the period where I had my own pay from part-time jobs and Internship, I spent a lot more! When you have your own money(pay), you tend to spend more as compared to when you are just getting money through allowance. This is mainly because the pay is often a lump sum whereas allowance are very little, at least in my case la. My allowance is $4 everyday from mum, $30 every week from dad. And I don't get the money at one go, so if I need money I would have to save up. But during the period when I am spending what I earned, I buy a lot more stuff. I don't have to save up to buy a particular item. The ability of spending money just as you like is super good.

When I spending my money from work: 

I buy things without thinking much. I means those items that cost below $20 la. For those expensive items which is $40 and above, I will think through first and consider carefully before I buy it. For example, the instax i bought. I thought about it for a month plus before i actually go and purchase it. But when it come to clothes, accessories, food etc, I just buy buy and buy.

When I am spending based on my allowance:

I just looked at those expensive items and gave up the thought of buying, unless I really liked it then i will set aside a fund for it. I go for cheaper food. I only buy clothes on sale. I think thrice when getting accessories etc. I will have to think about setting aside money for transport and for my bills and only spend the remaining. I think twice about buying anything other then food. Cause I would want to save up too.

Another thing that I came to realized is that I hardly save much when I was on my internship with my pathetic pay of $450 per month. It's also quite difficult to save as I was solely surviving on my pay. My allowance were stopped during that period. Hence, every month I have to pay for transport and food and bills from the $450 and then the rest is for spending. That's why it's quite hard to save as I buy a lot more things when I had my own pay. Also, the pay I get goes into the bank account, so I always just draw money and not realized the limits.

I am able to save up more when I am on allowance. Like at least a dollar or two each day of a period then stop then continue saving. Can save quite a substantial amount through this method. And due to the fact that my allowance is in cash form, hence there is only so much that I can spend.

 To sum it up, I am someone who spend according to my ability.
How about you? How do you spend your money?

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