Days Without The Mum

I believed that those who followed me on twitter knew that my mum went for a short holiday on Tuesday and only just got back a few hours ago.

This is the first time my mum went overseas on a plane, the first time she's out of the house for so long.
It's weird knowing that when I go home, she won't be sitting on the sofa talking on the phone, or cooking in the kitchen.

First night that she's not here, it's really weird sleeping in an empty room alone. Yes, I slept with my mum. Her and her queen size bed and me on my single bed. It's weird staring at the empty queen size bed before going to sleep.

In the morning, waking up to my brother's call and making my own breakfast. I am not used to my brother waking me up. Not use to having to make my own tea and find something to eat. That I have skipped breakfast for two mornings.

Dinner, no home cooked meals. Well, they are actually home cooked, home cooked maggie mee. I have to cook for my brother some more...

It's really different not having my mum at home. Home does not felt like home.

I am glad that my mum is back home safely and that she had enjoyed her trip~ XD

I Love You, Mum! XD

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