Instax Is Da Love~

These Instax Minis are taken during the Glitterati + Party~~ They are the only photos i have since my dear digital camera went out of battery... Lucky I brought 2 cameras along~~ :P

These photos are the very reason why I love instax~~ They all turned out nice regardless!

Note: Ignore if you see any reflection of my digital camera, cause i am too lazy to use my brother's scanner which is stack below a lot of things.


With Raine~~ XD


With JiaQi (From the twins)


With ANdy, our President!! XD


With Maiko and Don~~ They sang great that night! XD


With the 3 dudes~ Meldric, ANdy and Don~~ XD
This one is currently in my wallet~XD

Another great thing about the Instax mini? It's in credit card size so you can easily put it in your wallet and change it every time you take a nicer one~ LOL~ XD

Will update on the Glitterati + Party soon~~ XD

P.S: These are not Polaroids, these are called Instax!  

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  1. FilmSnap says:

    Go go go for instax camera!!

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