Glitterati+ Party @ KSuites

Date: 30th Dec'09

Time: 6.30 pm till late

Where: KSuites @ Illuma

What: Nuffnang Glitterati + Party

Who: Nuffies and Bloggers

I bet most of you would have read about this event already~ So I shall not go into too much details.~ Also, I bet most of you have seen the same photos already cause they are all taken from the photographer of the day~ XD 

To just sum it up~ The whole thing was a lot of fun! Although i was damn nervous until after i finish singing. I always have stage fright, maybe i have overcome the speaking to a huge crowd thingy but never have i tried singing to a big crowd. o.o 

We had a mini icebreaker game, where we have to find the blogger we are allocated and ask them for their blog link and secondary school. The name i got was PeiLing and she got mine too~ XD 

There was pool, karaoke and PS3 available for us to enjoy. I think i enjoyed pool the most that day although i lost. First was against Kaixiang but that was a very close game. Then I played against Andy twice, first time i was totally out of shape as it's close to my turn to sing. The second round was so much better but i lost still. >< Don't care, I demand another game!! XD LOL~

There was also a small briefing about what the whole Glitterati + thing was about and then there was also voting for the President for the committee~~ I bet most of you knew it already~~ Our President is Andy~~

Alright~~ Enough about my ramblings~~ Let's move on to the visuals~~ XD

The guy who trashed us all in Pool that day!

I have no idea what we all were looking at. LOL


Buffet dinner served in the other room~~ I din eat much though~ ><

Raine giving us all a lecture~ :P

Don Don singing very attentively~~ XD



You can see that I was nervous right from the start when i was just singing leisurely...


Me playing pool after so long~~

Waiting for my turn~~ XD


One of the great singers that night~ Alton~


See the difference? People enjoy while they sing~ I was expressionless la~~ Damn Nervous!!


And another one. ><


Sing finish liao~~ PHEW!!!


Time to vote~~

I love this photo~~ Haha~~ Mel with his eyes half opened!

Jiaqi looking very focused!


We were waving along to Don singing Guo Huo~~ XD


See, so much feeling~


Maiko singing~~ I fall in love with her voice liao~~


I think i was either voting for Maiko or Don~~ LOL


And Maiko came in first for the singing competition!! XD President Andy gave her her prize which is the IXUS camera~~ XD

I managed to guess correctly the top 3, which are Maiko, Don and Alton and had a 33% chance of winning the camera too~ The other 2 who guessed correct are Don and Ming En. End up Ming En got the camera when he already has a DSLR~ LOL~~ ><


Formal Group Photo~~


And the informal one~ XD You can see who are the gaga fans~~ LOL

Photo credits to Ming En @

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