F.J's Trip to KL - Everything Else

I actually forgot to bring along my camera charger and hence by day 2, I'm only left with like 1 bar of battery. I have to save for shots that are must take then just randomly take everything. That's why not much photos are taken. >< Lesson learn though, always remember to bring along spare battery or the charger~

I been to Times Square, Sungei Wang on the 2nd day and KLCC on the 3rd day. It's like shop, eat, shop etc. So sparing you the details, the photo spam starts now.

The food here is good. XD

Only managed to capture this shot of the exterior of the Times Square as it was raining.

All ready for the festive season.

The Mum and the Aunt.

Yummy roast duck~ 

The congee damn nice though it's just plain congee. Nice sotong ball soup too~ Vegetables are normal. LOL.

Dunkin' Donuts~

Ate at this Hakka restaurant opposite or near the Pavilion.

Cap bought on that day~

This is KLCC already.

Had Penang food, not bad.

I would much prefer Elmo or Cookie Monster though~ 
"I want COOKIE!!"

The Mum and her favorite drink~

Which can't be drank. >.<

The last thing I took of before my camera went totally flat. 
Gorgeous view ain't it.
Can't say I've been to KL if I did not even see the twin towers. 

This marks the end of my KL trip posts~ XD
It's mainly a trip to relax and look around KL. The thing that I liked most was my accommodation for the trip lor! How I really wish to stay in an apartment like that. :P

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