Mini SG Nuffnang Blogger's Outing at Airport~

Had a mini outing with a bunch of bloggers at the airport yesterday.

Outing organized by Weijie~

It's just a small outing which consists of 6 bloggers.

Weijie, HongPeng, Kaizhi, , Yuling, , Siyi, and me~

Had our dinner at Popeyes and then proceed to a tour around the airport~

From T3 to T2, To T1 and back to T3 again in then end~~

However, Yuling and Siyi had something on and have to leave first.

Leaving me, the only girl with three guys... >.<>

So after they left, we went to T1's viewing mall and took some pics there.
Then we went back to T3 to have supper at YaKun~~
After which we decided to make our way home when it's around 10 pm.
While we were making our way out, we saw some kids doing this woodblock art thingy and we tried our hands on it~ XD

Ok, i shall let the pictures do the taking now. XD
Photos not in any order~
Photos credit to Kazhi~

HongPeng, Siyi, Weijie, Yuling and me~

I like this pic, although i looked like i force a smile. LOL~

LOL~ Weijie going to fly off with invisible luggage~~


Haha~ For once i am taller then Weijie~~

But the truth is.....







This is the truth~ LOL~~

HongPeng and Kaizhi~

HongPeng and us girls~ With aeroplane tail as background~ :P

Emo guy~~~

Note to self: Rmb to wear heels next time when going out with them~

Don't want to be the shortest anymore~(Although i am standing at 1.66m) LOL~~

Posing with our woodblock artwork~~

Us with our masterpieces~~

Before i end this post, i shall share something that's quite interesting. The 6 of us who attend this blogger outing are actually all from NPCC! What a coincidence~~ Haha~

Ok, shall end here~


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