Been working at the IT fair for the past few days~
Super tiring sia.~
It's already my fifth time working at a IT fair...
And it's the time where i got the most sales.
Managed to hit 30 this time round...
Plus it's the time where i most slack... LOL~~~

This time round was more fun. Weijie was also working with me and his sales not bad for first time ar.
He should at least treat me a drink, cos i intro-ed him the job~ LOL~~

I also went for the E-Awards last last sat. The crowd is crazy too. Haha~ Shall blog about it later this week when i have time to edit the photos plus upload the videos to youtube.

Lastly, i was actually still sleeping about half an hour ago. But was awoken by my phone. I checked and there's an sms from school with my exams results!!! I look closely as i am not wearing my specs, ans saw As!!!! I literally jumped from my bed sia~ Not joking i tell you. haha~~

Cos over the 2 yrs, 4 sem, my best grade was only B+, and now got As!!! Three As somemore!!! Haha!!!
I super happy now even i am sick with flu plus cough and nearly lost 3/4 of my voice.

I got As for IMC, Japanese and surprisingly Broadcast due to the fact that i did not do quite well for an ICA of this module.

For the rest, i got B+ for Print, B for IP, C+s for entreprenuership and Biz law. I guess i did not do as well as expected for biz law...

Well, this sem results pulled my overall GPA to 3.100 !!!! So happy~
My GPA always lurk around 3.0 smth de. And it kept decreasing per sem. Lucky this sem pulled it up sia!!!

Ok, i shall end here for this post.
Will update again very soon~


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