Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

So, finally watched the fifth harry potter movie yesterday. Watched it with dear Von and SB at eng wah, and the tickets were free as i have vouchers. XD

Maybe it's because i read the book that the movie to my opinion were not really good compared to the first 3 in the series. Its just too fast. Loads of details were missing. Sadly, no qudditch this time round, i love to watch them play quidditch.

Sirrus's death in the movie was not how i visualise it to be when i read the book.Its like too sudden. He just got struck by the curse, turn his head, smiled at harry and got sucked by the mysterious arc. He' s supposed to die fighting his cousin and not get stuck by the curse from

The girl who acted as Luna is good, i like the way she acted Luna. Also, she's pretty.

The scene i like most in the movie was the part where Fred and George weasley light fireworks all around the school and then left hogwarts with the fireworks forming a W. To say the truth, the twins are my favorite characters.

Well, the person who acted as umbridge is good too, i was like cursing her everytime she make an appearance as she really bring the character to life which is really very irritating.

On the whole, the movie's not bad, a bit better then the previous one. I think if i were to rate it, i'll give it three and a half stars.

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