Minesweeper Obession

I am totally obsessed with minesweeper these days. For the beginner level, i got a record of 4 seconds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's actually tyco de la, i was anyhow clicking on it as i was chatting then suddenly the best time window pop up and i was like OMG, 4 seconds!!!!! Haha, but my actual record which is not tyco is actually 9 or 8 seconds on dunno whose laptop.
Then today, i finally managed to break the intermediate level. I was so damn surprised la. Cause i every time will accidentally left click on it even if i know its a mine when i wanted to right click instead.There's this one time when i left with 2 squares and i have to bloody click on the bomb.If not my record would be 286 seconds instead of 320 for the intermediate level.
Nevertheless, it's still a good achievement.I will strive to get a new record of about 200 seconds instead before i move on to the expert level. I bet many of you will say i siao for wasting my time on minesweeper. But it actually stimulate the mind and help you in thinking. Also my friend told me that even J.K Rowling play minesweeper.
So i don't think its a waste of time at all.

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