The vicious life cycle...

What actually do humans live for???
Why do we exists in the first place???
Would we go extinct like the dinosaurs and let some other living being that is not humans dig out our bones and prove that humans once roamed the earth???
Or maybe humans will disappear with the destruction of earth one day???
Why would the earth be destroyed you may ask...
It's very simple, the answer is us humans.
We cut down trees for paper or make way for construction.
We burned down forests for land space for the ever-increasingly population polluting the air and at the same time making the hole in the ozone layers grow bigger and bigger each day...

Being selfish is human nature. One can be selfish in many ways. Being care to others and sharing your happiness does not mean that you are not selfish. You are selfish if you don't care about the environment. One may looked like they cared, but deep down, are they really caring for the environment or just putting up an act??

Who knows??

So why do we live?
When we are just a baby, we do nothing except eat, play,shit and sleep.
When we are kids before the age of 4, we still eat, play,shit and sleep.
When we are aged 5 onwards, we still eat,play,shit and sleep but then we have to start studying.
After we studied like for 15 to 18 years or even more then that if you want a PHD or something, we shall start working.
We will then work until we retired and will go back to eat,play(enjoy life),shit and sleep.
When we are too old to even walk, we shall then wait for the day where our lives end.
In this process, we might add on to the populations and they will start on the exact same cycle.
We might even end our lives earlier in the mist of the cycle if we are too stressed out or just tired of living in this world...

The existence of humans may brought about alot of changes to earth which is beneficial but in fact, we brought about more damages.

I am a nature lover and am sad to see the nature world gone to make way for humans. My favourite past time when i was young was to read about the 7 wonders of the world. I am always impressed by them even though they are actually man-made. Yet, they looked like they belong to Mother nature. It's sad to know that some of the wonders are gone and is now replaced by places that are impressive too but not just as good as the ones in the past.
Why are they gone??
Earthquakes and fires... Do any human factor contributes to the loss of these wonders? No one knows...

For years, the vicious life cycle repeats itself...
But it is bound to end one day...

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