Medialicious Inc

Had the ICA4 presentation for the creativity module today. Was not really prepared though, cause i just seen the powerpoint presentation about 1 hour before the presentation. Luckily, my part was not really long so i did actually say everything i am supposed too and managed not to stumble on my words. The Q&A session is quite ok though, Ms Soo din really ask us difficult questions compared to the other groups. :P
Well, i felt quite bad though...Din really do much for the presentation and the concept paper. Haikal done most of the work... It's really fortunate to have him as a group leader.
On the whole, i think that our group actually did quite well. We were just nice in timing wise and we did managed the Q&A too. But maybe for the mockup part, we din really do well....Only have 2 mock posters and a storyboard.All done by Haikal again...
Thanks Haikal, you are really a good member to have. Sorry for not doing much though.

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