vPOST makes me v(ERY)...

vPOST makes me v(ERY)



Because it's collaborating with Nuffnang to bring forth the very first blogger christmas party!!!

But why relieved??

Of all the projects and assignments and tests that i have to handle with, a christmas party looks like a bright light at the very end of a dark tunnel.

It would be nice to leave all those projects behind and take a breather celebrating christmas with fellow bloggers. XD ( Provided that i am invited to the party :P)

It would really be nice if i get to attend the party. I had never really celebrated christmas before except for a few family gathering when i was young. Also, it sounds really fun that it's also a dress-up party at the same time. XD

Imagine the different pictures i can take of the people there, all dressing up to the theme provided. XD

I bet the party will be a blast and really hope i can be part of it. XD

P.S: This will be my one and only "vPOST makes me v(ERY)" post as i personally believe in quality over quantity. XD

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