HSM3 Movie Review

So i went to the Gala Premiere of HSM3 last Sunday and got to watch the movie 5 days early then most people~ Haha~

Ok, here's my review on the movie:

I think that it's better than the previous 2 movies as it is more meaningful. Mainly due to the 'graduation' theme. I like the starting of the movie, i like every single second of the movie. I especially like the stage prom part, the garage part, the roof top dance part, the show at the end, literally every part of the movie. There's not a boring second in this movie and i am serious about this. I want to watch it again la~ It's really awesome!!!

Another thing about this movie is that you can relate to it. Because the characters are all going to graduate soon and are faced with decisions of their future, where they want to go etc. It's sad that they all have to be separated though, but that's the way of life~

I like the ending too~~ Haha~

Once a Wildcat, always a Wildcat~~~

My ratings is 4 out of 5 stars~~

Go watch it even if you did not watch the previous 2 movies~


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