My secondary graduation day was held at the same day as my prom night on the 23 november 2006. It was held at the Grand Hyatt Hotel and our school was in one of the biggest ballroom. Me and my fellow schoolmates were all super excited about the night.

When we reached there, we we welcomed by smiling teachers that we once shared a love-hate relationship with. We all got a small door gift and a lucky draw number and then we enter the ballroom already filled up with people. Starting were all the usual talks by principals( ex and current) and performance by our own school band. We also had a peagent to see who's the prettiest and most handsome of the night.

Then it was the start of the buffet. The staff emphasise on lady's first but concerning food, the guys don't mind being ladys either. The food was great that i had 2 servings. XD During eating, i went around taking photos with my best friends, chatting with the teachers. The lucky draw is held in between as there are consolation prize like badminton rackets, chocolates and wallets. The best prize was $300 Takashimaya vouchers and Ipod nano. Both won by 2 of my classmates from sec 1 & 2. I won someting too, 3 eng wah movie vouchers. My last gift from the school i spent the most precious four years in. XD

The night was end off with opening of the dance floor. Too bad i don't know how to dance. :P

It was realy a very memorable day, having graduation and prom together. A day i think i will never forget.

Soon, in about 1 and a half years more, i will be graduating yet again from poly. I hope that it will be yet another memorable day in my life like that graduation i had in secondary.

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