The Coffin Movie Review

I never really like watching horror movies in the cinemas due to the amplified sound effects
and the super big screen.

The coffin was not as scary as i thought it would be.

It's not gory nor scary. More of shocking to me.

This is not the typical horror movie that scare you out of your wits but actually
a horror movie that just trying to relay a message. Which in this case, they are trying
to tell you not to change fate and just let things be let it should goes.

It's a bit confusing though, the two protagonists looks like they are experiencing
the after effects after the ritual of laying in the coffin in the same time frame
but in actual fact, it's a difference of five years.

What i don't like is that when ever you expect a bloody ghost to appear, it did not.
Cheat my feelings la. LOL~

Overall, i think that this movie is worth 3 out of 5 stars.
(Provided you understand what the movie is trying to say) :P

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