Halloween 2008

How I spent my Halloween this year? ( Actually i never celebrate Halloween before. LOL!)

Well, this year I spent it at Media Corp where the whole of DMSM year 2 (actually just 2 classes) went to sit in for a recording of a channel 5 show. Shall not say what show it is since it is supposed to be a 'secret'. It's not easy being an audience though. You have to be very hyper throughout to make a good show but it's tiring if you have to do it many times. Nevertheless, it was fun.

Being at the recording was quite an 'eye opener' for me. Got to know many behind the scenes stuff that i will not know if i am just a TV audience. You might see just a few people in front of the TV screen, but as a live audience there, there are a lot of people involved to make the show work. It's really a hard job.

After the recording, some of us went for dinner and after that some of us went to enjoy the Halloween spirit. Saw a lot of people dressed up for the day and there's a lot of scream masks around. But then i saw one special one, the normal scream mask is white but this guy had a golden scream mask on. LOL~

Well in the end, i took the night rider home reached home at about 1 plus. Never had i reached home so late before. Lucky my mum did not nag too much. :P Haha~

Pictures below~~

The usual toilet shot~ XD

On the bus~

Gamer alert~




That's all for today!

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