Hi people!!!

I am looking out for people who like to act in a short film for a school project.
Below are the casting details.~

We are a group of Media Students from NYP and we are currently looking for actors, actresses and calefares for our upcoming short film.

This film would be entered in the 22nd Singapore International Film Festival Silver Screen Awards under the short film category. The Singapore International Film Festival (SIFF) is an annual film event which screens about 300 films from over 45 countries. In other words, you would have an opportunity to act in a film that would be seen by many people from the film industry.

Our team would be touching on the life of a hermaphrodite, a person born with two sexual organs. We want to portray her life and let others know about more about the life hermaphrodites lead.

We want to be open about this production and let you know that we would not be providing any incentives for those acting in our film. Acting for this film is purely out of interest and passion for acting. No money would be paid for this production. What we can ensure you is a lifetime of experience and lots of exciting fun.

These are the characters we need:

Hayden (Main lead) – A hermaphrodite. Brought up as a female, but always had insecurities in her life. Her boyfriend leaves her after finding out about her condition, which leads her feeling depressed and troubled.

Nate (Hayden’s boyfriend)– Charming, good looking, disgusted after knowing that main lead is a hermaphrodite and leaves her.

(Please note that Hayden and Nate would have to act in a bed scene, but not to worry, we would ensure the best for both parties. Couples are welcomed to come and act together!)

Jade (Hayden’s best friend) – knows about Hayden’s condition. Is outgoing and friendly, and cares a lot for Hayden.

Hayden’s mother – never talks to her daughter about her medical condition (adult)

Drama Teacher – any adult!

Psychologist – provides listening ear to main.

Calefares – around 11-20 needed

Please send in your photos, acting experiences (if any) and contact details to (Any photo would do, really! Don’t be shy people!)

Feel free to ask any questions if you need any clarification and we would get back to you ASAP. Thank you so much for your participation and we look forward to be hearing from you soon!

P.S: Just send in your details and photos even if you think that you are not suitable for the main roles. We are in need of calefares too. XD


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