Problem Solved?? + random stuff

Ok, i think i solve the problem of the main frame over lapping to the right after some trail and errors in the html codes which i don't really understand. Kind of increase the font size by one point to make to easier to read too.

Tell me, is my blog back to normal already?? Or does it still overlaps??

Or maybe just change browser...

Google chrome looks cool.

IE really is bad but i am still using it...


Well, it sucks but it still has everything...

Even if it somehow screwed up, i still got 3 other browsers which i can use.


I actually have 4 browsers installed in my laptop.



My name in Japanese:

ジョイス (Joyce) 

フォレンシャ (Forensia)

No Forest because i can't really find the best pronounciation for it in Japanese. XD

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