Mcdonalds Toys~~ XD

I used to love collecting Happy Meal Toys from McDonald but have since grew out of the phase as the toys are getting too childish for my age. 

However, Mcd came out with a series of collectibles that are too cute to be miss! And they are not the happy meal toys, you can just go and buy the toys~ XD 

First up is the McHappy Bears!! XD

 Don't they kind of remind you of bearbricks? LOL. 

 My fav got to be Hamburgler, but in their original form, I love Birdie the most! 

 They reminded me of the times where I go crazy collecting each and every series of McDonald characters toys. 

 And here's the Miniature series! You can either buy the whole set at $25 where it comes in a box or just buy it at $2.50 each which amount up to only $15. So the box actually cost $10 la. >< 
Of course, I did not get the box, or rather my mum did not. I did not know about the Miniature series till my mum bought it back! I only ask her to help me buy the McHappy Bears! :P

 I think Fish Burger, McCafe coffee and Apple Pie look the most realistic.

 Fries anyone? No trans fat! :P

Or a Coffee full of Arabic Beans?

 I really like the apple sauce that's oozing out~

 I would really love a real apple pie right now. :P

Hungry? Got get the real deal~ 

P.S: All photos taken by Olympus EP2, last 2 photos are taking in pin hole mode. Pancake lens used.

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