Give Blood

Went to the BloodBank @ HSA on CNY's eve to donate blood!
From registration, screening, to the actual donation plus waiting time is roughly about an hour or less. The actual process of the donation takes only about 15 minutes. It does not hurt at all, as they will apply anesthetic  before poking the big needle with the tube into your vein.

This little droplet of blood is dress to the CNY theme! It's actually a stress ball to help ease the flow of blood so that the process will be quicker.

This is only my 2nd time donating blood, but the little nameplates up there are regular blood donors! Kudos to them for taking time off to donate blood regularly. I think it's something we should do if we have the time as a pint of blood can save up to 3 lives!

Was there with lovely Roseanne~
Check out the opening hours in the photo too and make a trip down to donate some blood today~ XD

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