Pool and the arrival of the HOLS!!!

Almost half the class went to play pool today.It's like MJ,Teddy,Ming hui,YanYan,Yuen Mun,Syafifi,Anah,Nissa,Sean,Wen Min,Jennifer, Liana and me. Some of them came quite late though.It's like every one is so pro except for me and ming hui...Then the first game we played, i like never got a single ball in lor...HAHAX!!!But soon, i got the hang of it and become better.Hahax!!!Got this one game where i got 2 balls in continuosly lor...Haha, but is tyco de...Pool is really very addictive lor...Haha...Now i know why syafifi wanted to play pool so much...
Then after we played pool, MJ,Teddy,YanYan,Mun Mun, Ming Hui,Syafifi and Anah went watch movie at The Cathy...The rest of us went home...Actually i would love to join them but i am broke...Dear YanYan even offered to lend me money first...But even i have the money i still can't go...Cause my mum won't allow de lor...True enough, when i just reached Khatib station, she called and scold me for being out so late when it is like only 6pm++ and i already told her that i will be going out with my classmates after sch... Haiz...Nvm, there's always next time...

Anyways, hols has arrived...HAHAX!!!I love the hols!!!! I can sleep the whole 2 weeks away but of course i won't waste it like that la...I must go cure my crave for singing and go KBOX next week with my dear friends!!!!


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