Went to KBOX today finally!!!Cured my crave finally..Haha!!!But then the price went up cause we have to pay one dollar copyright fees...Went with LX and Weimun...I realised only today that LX sings really well.We had loads of fun singing...Then we went to J8 to walk walk...Went arcade to play...Then went swensens to eat the ice cream which is really very nice.Then after that we went to the UK funfair which opens at 6pm. We looked around and decided to try the tristar ride which cost 5 dollars which is one of the cheapest ride in the fair.The ride makes us very giddy and we felt unsafe through the whole ride.Then after that is home sweet home...

Argh!!!Wanted to watched NANA2 very much...Supposed to be showing in cinemas from today...But i search through all the sites of the various cinemas but can't find the showing times for NANA2!!!!!!ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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