POP 2007

Went back to Anderson on Friday for the POP Parade. It's very different from the past...It's like so short la...I remember the previous POPs all running short of time de... Maybe its because this year the sec2s dun have any performance ba... Also, this year the buffet is like DIY de... I went at 1 plus to help my juniors prepare de food but actually i din really do anything la.Hahax!!Cause my main purpose is to go and eat.LOL. Then they ordered this very big cake for $130.So good lor...I stand down that time dun have de...:(
Many of my squad mates went back too...It's like a mini reunion for us.Too bad Li, Perrine, LWH,MingYu and Arkar never come back...All else it will be full attendence.Hahax.
Haiz, really miss those good old times in NPCC in Anderson.

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