Fun Day

We had a long day yesterday.Lessons ended at 12 and we have a make-up lesson at 4.And so, we have 4 whole hours of free time.Therefore, MJ suggested to go eat roti prata at jalan kayu.So about half the class went there and had lunch.The pratas there are not that great and the prices are expensive.Not that expensive la but for pratas, it is.Nevertheless, we had a fun time eating.
After eating, we decided to go to the grassroot club to play pool, the guys want to play la, we girls just wanted to watch.However, the place is like full, so the whole group of us sit outside the pool room and enjoy the air-con.
Then we went back to school for our lesson which only lasted 40 mins....................
After the lesson, me, Ida, MingHui, Olivia, MJ, Thomson,WenMin and Hendrick stay around to chitchat. Ida, Olivia and i were play this game named o2jam which was really fun to past time.I am already hooked onto the game already.LOL.

Haiz, monday is the ICA1 presentation for Mr Chong's module...Why monday and half of the class get to present on thursday...So unfair...Argh, i hate presentations the most de lor...

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