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Standing at this weight, i would be lying if i tell you that i have not tried any ways to lose that weight. But one thing i am glad is that i don't look like i am standing at the above weight. For this i am glad that i am standing at 1.66cm tall which kind of balance it out.

My stats are as of below:


Basically, to described myself, i am fat, large, big-boned, etc.

So what are the slimming attempts that i have tried? Obviously they all failed since i just took the above picture today.

Attempt Number 1:

Eating only vegetables and fruits during dinner. Avoiding rice and all that carbohydrates...

This attempt only lasted like 1 week. No matter how much i liked vegetables, eating only that for dinner everyday is too much~

Attempt Number 2:

Drinking slimming tea everyday.

Don't work at all~

Attempt Number 3:

Avoid fried food, sinful food and all. Tried skipping 200 times everyday. (Tried only, did not managed to skip everyday...)

Attempt Number 4 which i never tried or attemptted:

~Image Credits to Google~

EXERCISE three times a week. Plus control diet.

I am quite sure that exercising will definietly help me lose some weight or slim down in a way if i also control my diet.

But sadly, i am lazy plus i love food too much~

I can't resist all the good food~~

And good food are mainly the sinful ones.

In the end, i just gave up. Though now i do still try to avoid fried oily food and of course chocolates.

I knew that i just i have start on attempt number 4 to see some results.


Or maybe... If i have the money... I could give a go at the Cavitation Technology which Cenosis provided.

Reading the information about the technology on the website~ I think that it will help me and others out there to shed some weight and get rid of the extra fats that we don't need in our body.

Source of Image:

Basically this Cavitation technology will help break down those fat cells into simpler fatty acids so that it is able to be passed out of our body through our excretory system. The skin, liver and kidney are the organs in the excretory system which help pass out all the waste stuff from our body. I think that is cool, to get rid of those fats through the ususal body system rather then taking risks to eat those slimming pills etc.

The best thing is, there are no side effects~ XD

I might try it in future when i am older and is earning my own income. XD

But for you out there, why wait?

“Make an appointment with Cenosis right now, to find out how you can benefit from this wonderful technology at a special price of $33. Call 7000 700 6626 or visit to make an appointment.”

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