Different Worlds~ Different Decisions…

This is a period where most of my best friends from secondary school started their new chapter of life in their respective universities.

To be honest, the last few times i have been out with them, i felt a distance. They are all happily chatting about the uni life that they will be embarking on soon. All i can do is to sit down there and listen. But even though i felt left out, i am still proud of them being able to make it to uni and i am glad for them.

I have long expected this feeling to arrive from Day 1 when i choose a different path from there. At the very least, our friendship managed to stay strong regardless of the different worlds we are in now.

There is at least the common point that we return to from where we are know.

Of course, most of them i have known for 6 years and 8 months and still counting. This other one goes a long way back, i believe 12 years plus we have been in each other lives. Good old memories are what bind people from different worlds together.

I could actually join them when i end this chapter of my life next year. But would i be able to make it?

Three different paths awaits me to take when i graduate from poly next year.

  1. Go into the working society.
  2. Further studies at local uni/ overseas.
  3. Work first and then apply for local uni dunno how many yrs later.

If i were to enter the working society first, which area should i go into?? Definitely not the area of work that i am in now for my attachment. This attachment has clearly proof to me that this area of work is not suitable for me in the working society. So where should i go?

If i were to further studies, which course, which uni? Local or overseas? Will i be able to get a bank loan to support my fees? Money is the issue here.

If i were to work first then study, will i still have the mindset to study again? I am not prepared to enter school where i will have a big age difference with everyone else. Or should i take a part time course instead of a full time one, so that will not be a problem?

These 3 paths, all lies with problems which i have to learn to see for myself which is easier for me to handle.

There’s only about half a year left for me to make my choice…

It’s again the time of life when one chapter is ending and other new chapter starting. What lies in the new chapter, lies in my own hands…

This is by far, the most difficult decision to make as i am confused and unsure… I do not know what awaits me in the future… I am afraid of this future…

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