G-Force Movie Review~


Firstly, i would like to thanks HP for helping me to get the tickets so last minute~~ And of course Nuffnang for the tickets~ XD

Ok now to the movie~

I would say that this movie is a light hearted and humorous movie. Guinea Pigs who plays dancing machine, have a facebook account etc are super duper cute~~~ They are the G-force, a group of trained non-human special agents. Other then guinea pigs, we have cockroaches, and a fly~ Oh and a blind mole! How fun is that?

Electrical appliances coming to life like robots, don’t they remind you about something?

I love the effects during the scene where G-Force is being chased by the FBI~ My fav scene of the movie~ XD Fireworks are always nice~ XD

It’s not a fantastic movie but it’s still worth watching evenly if it’s solely for the cute guinea pigs~ XD

My ratings:  3.5/5

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  1. Atul says:

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    Anonymous says:

    Hello Atul...Thanks for the link...i watched this movie here and i really like the sound and picture quality of your site....

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