We caught the crowd @ Sentosa!!

Ok, most of you knew that i organized a Sentosa Outing last week and it turned out great in the end all thanks to everyone who’s there. I really want to thanks all who came down~~ XD

We were slacking and relaxing the whole day at Siloso Beach~~ Took photos, played frisbee, swam and also played in the water~~ It was a whole day of fun~~ XD

Ok~ I shall just get straight to the photos. As i am sure i am like the latest who post this out. You would already know what happened or already seen the photos before. :P



Group picture~~


The girls~~


Jump shot~~

  DSC_6919  DSC_6921   

Me with Charlene and YingZi.


DSC_6920  DSC_6917

Qianyi with KaiXiang and YingZi~~

 DSC_6998  DSC_7005

Qianyi & Kaizhi, and Don acting cool~~


So Sweet looking right?? XD


DSC_7009 Highlight of the day~~ Buried Sandman with a sand dick and testicles….



Look at the crowd we attracted and the fact they most of them were of a particular race…


DSC_7031   A photo with the master piece.

And if you’re wandering where am i?? I am hiding in one corner… Call me conservative… LOL~~





Having fun in the sea~~~ XD



And that’s all for my Sentosa post~~ XD


Thanks everyone once again for making this outing a great one~~You know who you are~~ XD

4 Response to "We caught the crowd @ Sentosa!!"

  1. lol.... vry creative sand dick. No wonder can attract many people.

    Anonymous says:

    LOL, love the picture of the guy with the sand penis.

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    Anonymous says:

    Looking at these pics make me wanna go to the beach right now~

    I hate wearing swimwears.. but I love swimming and buried my feet into the warm sand!!

    (by the way I'm everbluec from onsugar!! And I'm stalking your personal blog =Þ)

    Forest says:

    Hi!! Welcome to my personal blog~~ XD

    I love swimming too and i dun really like wearing swimwear too~ hence i cover up! :P XD

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