Let me show you my cute baby…



Highlight word below~




I am sure u’re not tricked~ XD

I have this weird habit, every time a friend comes to my house for the first time, i will confirm show them my baby photos~ It’s like a tradition. Haha~~

So far, other then my close friends, only YingZi from the group of bloggers had the honor to look through all my baby/child photos.

But it’s very unlikely that i will invite every single one to my house and i love to show people my baby photos. Hence, i decided to just share some here on my blog with my fellow blogger friends. You all can judge for yourself whether i am a cute baby years ago~ LOL~~


1 month old~


CRIES OUT LOUD: Don’t take my pic, you never ask for permission!!









Look at this pissed off face~~ CLASSIC~~ XD


See i used to have spiky hair too~ XD HAHA!~    The face on the right also CLASSIC~~


2 months old and above~




Sleepy~~~ See even i sleep also must take photo~~ That’s my 2nd bro btw~~ XD


LOL~~ This shall be the only time you will see me naked~~ LOL~~




1 Year old and above~~







Look at my huge 1 year old birthday cake~~ XD  Oh see!! I can do pull up at the age of 1 !!!!!



Eh, where am i ar?? Where did my brothers go?? Throw me alone here… SOBS~~


NVM~ I can drive home myself!!! CHIONG AH~~ See i can pose so nice~~ XD


Pose again~~ See drink milk also can pose~~ XD



Oi~ Open up!!! You don’t open the door i scratch it with your gold pen ar!






Cute?? No? :(


Old English style~ XD



At the zoo~ I think i am around 5 in the above pic~


So what do you think? Cute anot??

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