My IPP Journey of 21 weeks~~

IPP –> Industrial Placement Project

21 weeks –> 5 months and a week

Period –> 23 April’09 till 17 September’09

Company –> Media TV Production House

Job Title –> Assistant Director(3 weeks)/Production Coordinator(18 weeks)

Job Scope –> Sourcing for sponsorships, casting, sourcing for locations, research on relevant areas, scheduling/coordinating, assisting on shoots, handling wardrobe etc…… 


After 21 long weeks, I finally ended my IPP or internship or attachment whichever way you want to call it.

Many of you would have heard me complaining and bitching about work and all during these 21  weeks. I really thanks all those whom lends a listening ear to me when i was being a bitch. LOL~

To be truthful, I don’t really like the environment I worked at. The things i needed to do, the people i am working with…

The work itself was not bad at all, seriously. Actually, the problems lies in the way of working. Mine way is obviously different from the rest.

For me, I always believe in work smart instead of work hard. However, that gave me quite a hard time over at the company as most people worked in a different way from me.

Nevertheless, i still managed to survive till the very end. I am really proud of myself as i really have thoughts of quitting at the beginning~ But I am glad to have my classmate with me there at the same company. We managed to back each other up, encouraging each other, bitching about the company together and all. LOL~

Although it was not a very happy experience, I did learnt a lot from this internship~ I get to know first hand about the industry from experienced people.

For example, Chua the cameraman whom we outsourced from another company for shoot days. He shared with me his experience and all which i have gained from it.

Also, the freelance soundman, Teo. Another nice uncle with loads of experience whom i learnt a lot from too.

And from my company, Mr Chan, a very nice old man with years of experience to share and impart to interns like me.

During my stay at the company, i was on 2 projects. The very first project which i am supposed to worked on was a Chinese kids drama for channel 8. I was AD for this project and i sourced for sponsors, locations and also done casting. However, due to some changes, this project was postponed and i was sent to worked on another project as a production coordinator which is a reality program for Channel 8. In between, i also helped out with casting for another project.

Through casting, i met several people. Like Shawn Tok and Jarod Lee from campus superstar, Jonathan Leong, 袁帅 and 郭妃丽etc… It’s actually quite fun cause i am supposed to read the scripts with them~ XD

For the project that i worked on, we have 郭亮 as the host for the program. I am really lucky to have the chance to be able to work with him. I have learnt a lot about the industry from him too. XD

Alright, I am sure none of you will actually read the words I have typed out so far, but if you do, thanks alot~ XD I shall move on to the pictures now~ XD


First up, pictures from my last shoot day~~ XD


IMG_3766  With my director, Kenny~


IMG_3771With cameraman, Gus~


IMG_3772With soundman, Meng~





  With the host, 郭亮~~ XDXD





With driver, Mr Tham~~


Moving on to the pictures i took on my official last day which is the 16th. I went back on the 17th to finished up some handover stuff~~ XD



People hard at work~~ XD


Senior Editor, Maran~



Director/Producer, Dan~


Fellow Intern who is also my classmate, Sean, pretending to be hard at work~~ XD


  Editor, Sherry~~


Senior Director/ Executive Producer~ MR. Chan~~~


IMG_3794  Fellow Intern, Meng Lan from NP~~


IMG_3795Freelancer, Lindy~~



Fellow Intern, Andrea from TP~~


More pictures with them~~ XD


IMG_3800 With Sherry~~


IMG_3806With Maran~~


IMG_3803   With Dan~~


IMG_3816With Mr Chan~~


IMG_3817With Lindy~


IMG_3818With Meng Lan~~

IMG_3821 With Andrea~~~



Three of us girls~~ XD


And yup~~ That’s about it for my IPP journey~~

And if some of you are wondering why i did not mention my company name at all, it’s because of my school policy~~ No names should be mentioned~ XD

But I can give you a clue, it’s the very company which produces the local movie, “ The Leap Years”. XD

Alright, thanks all for reading this very long winded post of mine~ Hope you enjoyed reading it~ XD

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