Singtel INQ Event & Up on the S’pore Flyer~~


Went to the Singtel INQ event @ Ngee Ann City today with WeiJie, Meldric. Stephan, YingZi, JiaQi, Kaixin and QianYi joined us later.~ Hp and gang were there way b4 us~~

Had fun just chilling inside the GlassHouse and taking pics~~ XD

But i am sad that my tweet is not up… :(


IMG_3836 IMG_3835


In the Glass House~~ XD


 IMG_3833 IMG_3834  

Pictures with Jayden, Shawn, Andy and Alton~~ XD

IMG_3840 IMG_3841

Photo wall~~ XD


Group Photo with Jayden~~ Instax is Love~~ XD

After chilling out there, it’s time to make our way to the Singapore Flyer!!! Yay~~ It was my first time up there~~ Must thanks Weijie and Meldric and also 24seven for the tickets~~ XD

While making our way to take bus there~~ We met some unique friends from Night Safari only for the month of October~~ XD

IMG_3849 IMG_3850

IMG_3860 IMG_3854   IMG_3859 IMG_3858  


IMG_3863 IMG_3862

With Mr Dracula~~

Haha, most of them were shocked by them when they scared us~~ Except for me~~ I am concentrating on their face MU most of the time~~ Hehe~~ Preparing for halloween already, who want me to do halloween MU for them?? XD


This guy’s laughter super funny~~ Abit eerie la~~ haha~ I asked him not to laugh while we took the picture, but apparently he did so… LOL~~


A group photo with all the characters~~

Do visit the Night Safari during the month of October if you are interested to see these unique characters live at night~~ XD

Alright, so after that, we hopped on the bus to make our way to the flyer!! XD


View of the flyer at night~~ Super nice~~ XD


Aboard the flyer!! Empty special capsule ahead of us~~

 IMG_3878  IMG_3880

Everyone is busying taking photos~~ XD


From here onwards, will be narcissist photos of ourselves~~ XD








Love these 2 photos~ Above and Below~~ XD XD




With Kaixin~~


With Stephan and dear YingZi~~ XD


With Meldric~


YingZi and Weijie~~


YingZi and me~~


Weijie and me~~


At the highest point of the flyer~~ XD


Ending off with a group photo of us up on the flyer~~ Instax again~~ XD Nice right~~ XD

I swear that Instax is a super worth it investment~~ Am loving it more and more with every photo taken~~ XD

So this post has basically summed up the whole day~~ It’s really fun although all we did were going around taking photos and chit chatting etc~~ The company really make a difference~~ XD Thanks to everyone for making this day an enjoyable day~~ XD

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