It’s Krrunch Time, Get Playful!

start opener

Let me show you how you could have fun Krrunching pringles at home~~ XD

Starring my PINKYS~~~

From Left to Right:

Chiyo - Chan

Hana - Chan

Chiaki - Chan

Mikimiki – Chan

Rui – Chan

There’s always this sayings that toys would come alive at midnight~~

And indeed it's true~ My Pinkys do come alive at night.

However, there’s nothing to do that the Pinkys at home don’t really look forward to midnight.

But this very night made the Pinkys very excited after so long~~

Pic 1

Midnight is arriving soon, but the Pinkys are not really looking forward to it. However, something caught their attention tonight~~


chiyo cu

hana cu

chiaki cu

mikimiki rui cu

The Pringles made the Pinkys super excited that they can’t wait for midnight to arrive. It had been a long time since they are actually looking forward to turning alive~


miki fell ws

The Pinkys are so excited that they did not even notice when Mikimiki – Chan fell.

fell back

turn back

turnback up

one row

After Mikimiki – Chan is up, the Pinkys are all ready to get to the Pringles!

surround pringles

cu trio

The Pinkys pushed the Pringles down so that they could get to the chips~


cu trio pringles

CU chiyo with pringles

round pringles

The Pinkys are trying to decide who shall start KRRUCHING first~~

chiyo ponders

focus chiyo

Chiyo – Chan can’t wait and decided to start KRRUCHING on the Pringles first~~ XD

ls chiyo

krunch time

After Chiyo – Chan had her Krrunch, the rest of the Pinkys started Krruching too~~~


Soon, it’s morning and the Pinkys are back to being normal dolls~~


The Pinkys are found lying on the floor far away from their playground with the Pringles in the morning, with half the can of Pringles gone~~


Even dolls can’t resist the temptation of Pringles, how can us humans resist?

It’s Krrunch Time, Get Playful!!

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  1. Zues says:

    Nice post^^

    Forest says:

    Thanks! XD

    Kristin says:

    omg they are so so cute ^_^ HOpe you win it!

    BLue says:

    cool, good luck ;)

    wahaha.. good one!!! entertaining.. and ur twinkles that u added for the pics are a nice touch!!

    hope u win sth!!

    ANdyStorm says:

    I like your post! Very cute, and nicely edited (: Hope to see you at the event!

    ANdyStorm says:

    Cute post! Hope to see you at the awards! (:

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