Phobia 2 and Cheryl’s Birthday BBQ~~


Went to watch Phobia 2 with 8 other people last saturday before heading down to Cheryl’s BBQ Birthday party~~

Was seated between Jiaqi and Qianyi who are two opposite. Jiaqi is like so zai, and not afraid whereas Qianyi screams quite abit. Half the time i was frightened by her screams more then the movie. LOL~~

Overall, i felt that the movie is not as good as the first one, 4bia. However, it’s still worth watching. And i personally find that the last story is a bit hilarious.. LOL~ XD

I rate it 3 out of 5 stars. XD

After movie, we went to do some last minute shopping :P and head towards pasir ris park to Cheryl's birthday~ XD



Cheryl~ The Birthday Girl~~


Group Photo with cake~~


Group Photo when Qianyi and Kaixiang still there. XD


The birthday girl and me~~ XD


Next up are pictures taken with my dear Instax❤❤❤❤XD






Haha~~ It will show up even nicer if i scan it. But i am really lazy to go all over to the desktop to get the old old scanner so i ‘scan’ with my digital camera~~ XD

Instax minis really make good memories~~ XD

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    Go and scan lah :D

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