"Indulge in the Uniquely Singapore experience"

Step 1: WHY you think Singapore is the best holiday destination and what you love most about your country.

Why is Singapore the best holiday destination?

Because you can do a lot of things here. From shopping, to eating good food, relaxing at the beach, sightseeing and experiencing the various cultures of the many races we have here. Speaking about food, you will be able to taste different types of food from Malay, Chinese, Indian, Western, Korean, Japanese and many more! All in one place, Singapore!

What I love most about Singapore?

Being the clean and beautiful Garden City, I am proud to call this little red dot on the map my Home, My Country. There is once when an American lady chatted with me for the short trip we have on the MRT and she mentioned that she love how Singapore is clean and she thought that Singapore is really a nice country. I immediately felt very proud of Singapore though there are things that is not up to standard, it is still able to present itself well to visitors.

Other then that, I also loved how it's so easy to travel around Singapore with the public transport available. Also, how i could stay out late without worries simply because of the good security we have here.

One more thing I love about Singapore is how everyone get together to celebrate National Day every year. It might sound patriotic but it's the sense of belonging to the country that I love.

Step 2: Plan a perfect 1-day itinerary (day and night) for a foreign friend. You should describe where and why you would bring your foreign friends to visit, eat, shop, party, chill etc.

If I am going to be tour guide and bring a foreign friend, this is how the day shall goes~~ XD

First location shall be Chinatown in the Morning~~ XD


Chinatown has a long history behind it. The best proof is the various shop houses that are still standing upright along the various streets. Over at Chinatown, there's many places that sells souvenirs for tourists, traditional Chinese costumes, the famous BBQ meat, Bak Qua, and many more that are related to the Chinese.


Chinatown is not at all small, there are many streets in it, like Smith Street, Temple Street, Club Street and Ann Siang Hill. Things has changed since the past, now we could find a lot of restaurants, special boutiques and even pubs/clubs along these streets.


By bringing my foreign friend here, i bet he/she will be able to fully experience the culture of chinese here in Singapore~ XD Also we could stop by the famous dessert shop, 味香园 at temple street to have some dessert like the sesame paste and my personal favorite, the almond paste and light snacks like carrot cake and yam cake before heading to our next location! XD

After spending the morning in Chinatown, we shall head on to Bugis Street to do some shopping and eat some yummy food for lunch!! XD


Bugis Street is the largest shopping street in Singapore~~ There are a total of 3 levels in there~ Other then just clothes, accessories, shoes and many more, there are also food and drinks stalls around for you to quench your thirst or have a light snack while shopping! After shopping, we could head over to the Kuan Yin Temple over at waterloo street just around Bugis Street to offer a little prayer. The temple has been standing there way before WWII. Regardless of religion, there's no harm for a visit. XD


After some shopping and walking around the area, I shall bring my foreign friend to have the famous Katong Laksa for lunch~ Unlike the usual laksa, we only use the spoon to eat the Katong version~ Also, it contain prawns which the usual one do not have. The gravy is really good! It's a must try for all!

After shopping and having the Katong Laksa for lunch~ It's time to head over to see some scenary!! I shall take my foreign friend to have a walk by the river near the Fullerton Heritage center to enjoy the scenary and also the breeze~


After that, it's time to visit the famous Merlion Park~~ How could we not go visit the Merlion, the icon of Singapore~~


After taking photos and all with the Merlion, we shall take a river cruise down Singapore River. It's totally different from just walking alongside the river~~ We just have to sit and relax the ride~~ XD The time would be just nice too as it evening~ XD


And we shall alight at Clarke Quay, and it's time for some excitement!
I will bring my foreign friend to try on the BUNGEE Ride~~ The extreme swing GX 5!!


Soon, it's night time already, and we shall chill by the river bay at Clarke Quay. Scenary at night is totally different with those night lights~ And of course walking down the streets where all the clubs and bars are located and we could sit down for a little drink and have dinner at the restaurants there.


After that, I shall bring my foreign friend aboard the Singapore Flyer!! Personally i think that night time is the best time to board the Flyer with all those night lights around~~ Looking at the night scene at night is a totally wonderful experience!! XD Everything is simply just beautiful!!


After the ride on the Flyer, we shall once again heads towards another part of the Singapore River, Boat Quay, where we could see the Esplanade and the Fullerton Hotel. Why a walk by the river again? Simply because the scenary at night is a totally different experience. I would love my foreign friend to expereince the beauty of the Singapore River both in the day and at night.


To end of the day, we shall head to Makansutra Gluttons Bay near the Esplanade to have a good supper before wrapping the day up~~ XD


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