Nuffnang Blogger's Tour 24 Oct 09


Firstly, i want to thanks Nuffnang for the invitation to this tour. It's really a privilege for me to attend this tour as one of the few Singaporean bloggers. XD

I was assigned to Group A for the tour along with Don and Meldric. Hello to all bloggers in Group A, it was a pleasure to meet you guys! XD

And so the itinerary for our group is as so:

  • Mint Toy Museum
  • Chinese Heritage Center
  • Lunch at Maxwell Market
  • URA Museum
  • Bugis Street
  • Merlion Park
  • Singapore Flyer
  • Royal Selangor Pewter Museum
  • Orchard Road

Only the places in red will be featured in this post. For your information, we did not have much rest in between the awards night and the tour, 3 hours of sleep is all we got. So when we were at Bugis Street and Merlion Park, we went to rest instead. Anyways, i am sure you guys have read about Bugis Street and Merlion Park in my uniquely Singapore post here. As for Orchard Road, we left at that stop to have dinner at graffiti cafe and then it was home sweet home for the 3 of us~ XD

Alright i shall not bore you guys with words any longer~~

Pictures time!! XD

First up Mint Toy Museum!! I been wanting to go there since JiaQi told me about it!! Really excited to be there! Took 200 over photos in this place alone!! But i am not going to show all 200 over photos la~~ There are a total of 6 levels in the Musuem, so there will be 1 picture for each level~~ XD


This is level 1 where there is a shop for you to buy your ticket and also souvenirs to bring home~ XD


Level 2, Collectables.
Mickey Mouse, Beatles etc and many many more~~


Level 3, Childhood favourites.
Of course we see Mickey mouse here again~~ Teddy bears, loads and loads of them! Felix the cat, barbie and many more!! XD


Level 4, Characters!!
They have loads of TinTin and Popeyes there!! Damn cool la!! I used to read TinTin comics when i was young! Totally excited when i see all the TinTin toys!! XD There's also Batman, superman, spiderman etc!! XD


Level 5, Outerspace.
Robots, Starwars, Jedi etc~~ Spaceships blah blah blah~~~ All robots are made of tin~ XD


Roof Level.
It's basically a bar where you can enjoy beer at a cheaper rate compared to outside. While enjoying your drink, you can admire the signs plastered all over the wall~ Plus there's a balcony with a wonderful view overlooking the Raffles Hotel~ XD


We were all fascinated by the transparent glass floor~~ And took many photos there~ There's a super comfy couch over at the 3rd level~~

And that's basically all about the Mint Toy Museum~~ I really liked the place, it's really interesting~~ Everyone should go visit it for at least once! XD

Next up, the Chinese Heritage Center over at ChinaTown.


Various Exhibits of how the chinese lived in the olden days~~


Here's us experiencing the past~ XD

Next up is the Urban Redevelopment Authority Museum~~


There is many models of places in Singapore. That looks exactly like the real deal~~ Meldric and i managed to find our homes and schools on the big map of Singapore with mini models. The shapes are so exact!! XD

Up next the Singapore Flyer!


We only took a few photos and decided to just sit back and relax while enjoying the scenery. XD

And to our last stop, Royal Selangor at Clarke Quay~~ XD


All these all pewter~~ I got shocked by static when i touched the pewter swaf in that big container~~ They solidfy really fast at room temperature. It's in liquid form at 250 Degree Celsius!!


We got a chance to make out very own pewter bowl out of a flat round piece of pewter. It involves alot of knocking, hammering and energy~~ XD But the process is quite fun~~ XD

And we have come to the end of my post~~ I have indeed enjoyed the tour as there are places where even i as a Singaporean never been to. So it's quite an eye-opener to me~XD

I want to thanks the nuffies incharge of group A, Elise, Meiyan from NNSG, Yee Hau and Firdauz from NNMY.~ XD

Oh, the nuffies take attendance after every stop. Halfway through the trip, Yee Hau decided to just refer the 3 of us as the Singapore gang since it's just the 3 of us there~ Haha~ XD

And to end off, I really wished that all the foreign Bloggers had enjoyed their stay here in Singapore and that it's a happy experience for them. XD

With that, i shall end and head to bed as it's 1.14 am and i have school at :P
Good Night everyone~~
Oyasumi~~ XD

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