Short update on my life in school~

I am missing those wordy posts i have on my blog...

Hence, this shall be a wordy post with no pictures.

Some of you know that i have already started school since mid September and this is like my 4th week in school le.

This is my last semester, instead of FYP, I am doing TEP instead. TEP refers to teaching enterprise program. It's similar to FYP actually. But it's made up of many many projects instead of one big one.

For my course, we have to run the school's TV channel. NYPTV...
There are three stopovers, Production, Print and Channel Management.

I am currently in Production, and hence is in charge of producing the program entitled "NYP TV On Air". A program that is soley produced by students. Or should i say, the only program we produce. Cause we got content from like history channel, animagix etc for NYP TV.

And of course, the Channel Management people are in charge of getting content, handling the schedule/programming of NYP TV and also to come up with trailers and the promotional work of the channel.

As for print, they are mainly in charge of the Magazine 'Catch!' which is not distrubuted at all... They also handle some of the segments for "NYP TV On Air".

There are also the so called ad hoc projects where we are asked to help film down events that are happening around the school.

And so, I have given a basic introduction at what we have to do at TEP over at diploma in Media Studies and Management.

Good thing is, we have our own media hub which is quite cool actually. Bad thing is, we only have 2 MACs, 2 FCPs in the HD suite... Which is sad cause all the other comupters are really laggy. We have avid too, but it's more lag then the normal coms with premier pro. We do have our own Studio A, but it's like a dummy... If you know what it means... We normally go to Studio M, which belongs to SIDM to do our host links etc.

Studio M is real cool! I remembered the time we spent there for our multi cam module. Too bad, it does not belong to our course... Studio A will be nice if things are working, but at least it has a sense of belonging.

The other good thing is that we have our very own VO room! Damn cool!! XD VO are voice overs in case some of you don't know what it means. :P

So i mentioned the studio A, VO room, HD suite, and now i shall talk about the main working area where all the laggy coms are situated. It's quite large, with 3 main areas, the print side, production side and the discussion areas with the coms with avid at the side. There's also the equipment room and the lecturer's office.

It's indeed a nice environment to work in, but only if we have better equipments and softwares...

Maybe one day I shall make a tour video of the DMSM Media Hub and put it up on my blog to show you guys~~ XD

Sadly, the media hub is not open to visitors which refers to friends of our own that does not come from DMSM. It's exclusive to only DMSM students, or unless you are one of our talents. XD

So wait for my video, if you want to see how the inside of the media hub is like! XD

Alright, i shall end my lengthy wordy post here. Thanks to those that read till the end! XD
You can also ask my any questions regarding my course if you are interested! XD I will be more then glad to help! XD

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  1. Kennee says:

    can't wait for ya video... ^^
    Btw, nanged ya post and also clicked on ya ads... ^^

    kenwooi says:

    studying social media is kinda interesting..
    but i never ventured into it.. haha. =D

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