Nuffnang Asia Pacific Blog Awards 23 Oct'09

It had been a long weekend. Blog Awards on friday night and the tour on the whole of yesterday. Am really glad to be able to attend both events. XD

And as the title says, this post shall concentrate more on the night of the blog awards itself~ XD

Alright~ Photos first~ XD


As all bloggers do, we took loads of pictures together while waiting for the rest of the group to arrive outside the ballroom~~ XD


Myself and Eleanor a.k.a Sortie~~ XD


The 4 course dinner we were served~ Food was great~ XD
I love the dessert the most~ XD


More photo taking continued during breaks~ XD
With Don, Meldric, Sortie, KaiZhi and Hp.


More pics with the gang~~ Plus YingZi~~


With WeiJie and QianYi and a solo shot of myself~~ XD


With Andy, Alton andShawn~ XD
(I was taller then Andy with my heels on but he tip-toed in the above pic! :P)


With Violet from Australia, Jess from Malaysia and with the host of the night, Allan Wu! XD


Some group photos~~
For the 2nd group photo, we pose them for quite sometime as there was a long queue of cameras, compact cameras along with DSLRs~~

Oh and Sortie told me that she thinks that the 3 guys were cute, so i told Andy that and got her a photo with the 3 of them. But all i got in return are smacks from her. :(


With Fauzi and Valerie~


With Boss Ming and Raine! XD


With Xiaxue and Jayden~~

I would like to congrats Xiaxue for winning 3 awards, being Most Influential, Most Original Blog and Best Regional Blog Award. And it's really nice of her to share the Most Original Blog award with Jayden.

And also congrats to Jayden for winning the 5k for the pringles video contest! Your video is really great! XD

Not forgetting all other winners for the rest of the categories, congratulations! XD

And as Boss Ming had mentioned, all the nominees are winners~ I have to agree as it's really not easy to get chosen out of the gazillions nominations that have been submitted.

I have really enjoyed the Blog awards and Kudos to the Nuffnang Team for such great job done! XD

And this shall be the end of my post~~
Next post coming up shall be on the tour around singapore~ XD
Ciao~~ XD

Oh another thing before i sign off, below is my favorite photo of the event~ The big group photo consisting both Singaporeans and Malaysians Bloggers~~ XD

"My Favourite Canon Moment!"

9 Response to "Nuffnang Asia Pacific Blog Awards 23 Oct'09"

  1. Ah it was so good to meet you in person! It's a pity we didn't have more time to chat without the loud music/tour. I'm glad you had such a good time, your outfit was super cute ^_^

    PeaceTaMy says:

    Great photos!!! Thx for sharing these nice photos of the dinner!!! Cheers! =)

    Forest says:

    To Violet LeBeaux: Thanks dear~ Yes, it's a pity that we did not have a chance to chat much. Hope that you had a good time here too~~ Oh and i did not get to tell you that i love your shoes! XD

    To PeaceTamy: Thanks dear~ XD

    Aww thanks! I actually got them on sale for $30 and customized them. They were the last pair and they were 1/2 a size too small so they were soooo painful XD

    Forest says:

    ouch~ but i guess beauty comes with a price huh~ XD

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