Dinner @ The Cathay & Public Enemies

Went out to the Cathay to meet up with JiaQi and Weijie to have dinner after work yesterday~~

What Weijie had~

What me and JiaQi had~

I kind of like the meal that i had~ There are like different types of wantons to chose from and you can chose either dry or soup noodles~
After dinner, YingZi joined us and we had cheese fries, treat by JiaQi~~ XD
At first YingZi told the other 2 that she's not coming but while we were ordering food, she called me and told me that she decided to come and ask me to kept it from the 2. When she arrived, the other 2 was shocked while i pretended to be~ haha~ My acting not bad huh~~ XD
After that we chat for awhile then suddenly made the decision to catch a movie, Public Enemies~

Camwhore awhile before the movie~~ XD

Review of Public Enemies will be in a different post~ But i can say it's a nice movie~ XD

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