Stephan and twin’s Birthday Celebration @ Astons

Celebration Date: 23rd August

Real B’dae: 24th August

Went to celebrate Stephan and his twin Birthday @ Centerpoint Astons on Sunday~~

Meeting time was 6.30 pm. But i reached there at 7 plus with Weijie, Mel, Kaizhi and Yingzi~~ :P

Other then Stephan, Hp, Don, Qian Yi, KaiXiang were all already there~ Which makes us the latest~

Eh no, JianHao is the latest~~ LOL~

When i first saw Stephan’s twin Cedric, i thought there was something wrong with my eyes as i was wearing new contacts. Haha~~ Embarrassed myself~ LOL~ Too long never seen twins le.. :P

We ordered food and while waiting, YingZi took out her lipstick and hence, we all decided to give the Birthday Boy some kisses~~ XD There are only 3 girls out of the 11 present there and we all gave him kisses~ XD

Then food came and we kept ourselves busy eating~~ When we had leftover food, we decided to mix some together and played the ultimate code~ The one who kena gets to eat the yummiest food on earth. I suay suay kena because of the last number left while i was helping to cut the cake~~ It’s super disgusting!!!

Ok, i shall let the pictures and video show you guys the happenings on that day~ XD







IMG_3527 IMG_3530IMG_3531







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