Just some pictures~~


This pic has been laying in my com for quite some time le~~

Proof of Weijie bullying YingZi~~



My work desk, but now i already moved to the one to the right since my colleague from NP left~ Now another intern from NP is sitting on this very seat~~


The interns, the one in the middle left already. Lucky guy~~

27 days left for me and sean~~


With my best sisters!! Or BFFs if you want to call it that way~

My twin’s the one in the white jacket on the extreme right~


Taken on the same day in NTU’s hostel~ Btw, it’s my best friend, the one in green jacket in the previous pic’s room. She shared with her friend who was also my classmate in sec school~



Taken on GI Joe movie outing~~ The day where they made me travel all the way from paya lebar to khatib and back to bugis~

IMG_3477 IMG_3478


IMG_3482 IMG_3483

My new found love~~

Instax~~ Only took five so far~ And left with 5 films~~

Films are ex, after asking around, cheapest i can find in stores is $12~ I know i can find cheaper ones online~ $10.50 but including postage and waiting time etc, i dun mind paying $12.

And i found this nice old looking cardholder file~~ Just nice to fit in the credit card size photos~~

Aimed to filled up this album~ But will be ex~ :P

Ok, that’s all for today~


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