Being Studio Director

So, i had multi-camera studio production ICA today and i was the Studio Director.

Let me tell you, being a Studio Director is super stressful!!!

Well i know that my other group mates are also very stress.

But in a studio production, the SD call for the shots in the panel( as in camera shots) and also give instructions to the floor manager who will be at the floor. If i stumbled or anything, the whole production will go haywire...

Can you imagine the stress?

Also, if anything happened on the floor, the SD will not be able to go down to help as the panel need to be tend to.

Luckily, my group mates kind of calm me down before i stepped into the studio today.

I was also lucky to be able to find an alternative in the shortest time possible when the CD could not be played up on the panel.

Still, i also had to faced with the decisions on choosing the talents. Cause it was our turn really soon, and our talent is not here yet so i had no choice but find a substitute. However, the talent made it in time and i have to chose between the two. After talking to both of them, i decided to go ahead with the substitute as both are equally unprepared, but the substitute knew the other talents better and is from drama. Considering the factors, i made my decision. But still, i am really grateful for the talent who rushed down after his presentation. My apologies for not using you in the end.

Well, we were kind of rushing for time due to the music problem, luckily we managed to pulled it off. I think overall me and my group did a good job. Thanks to the talents too! They were great! Especially the host, she knew the script really well even though she only received it like on monday night.

What i have learn?

Being an SD is no easy job, as it is very challenging and stressful.
However, it is a very fulfilling role.

Shall end here today!


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