Day out at T3~

Went to T3 after MMR exam with Syafiqah and Wendy.

We walked around and ate at Popeyes. The biscuits there are very yummy!!!

After filling up our stomachs, we went window shopping around the shops in T3.
Then we went up to the viewing mall to look at the airplanes and we ended up cam-whoring.


(Pictures can be click to enlarge~~)

These are individual poses~

Next up are couple poses~

The best pose of the day is~~~



Then we did some candid pictures~~

We took alot more pictures that day, about 100 over pictures. Take until my phone battery flat. LOL.
But i am not going to post all of them up, reason being, i am lazy. LOL

Shall end the post with one last collage.~~


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